Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Joshy is a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to Josh's debut as a big screen baby! I'm so proud of you Joshy! I paused it and went on slow motion when I saw your dance scene! WOOO! HOOOO!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hi family!

Just wanted to say what's up. We've been bad at updating the blog so I thought I better drop a few lines. :) We're doing great! Myles and I can't wait to see you all (or 4 of you) at Tyler's wedding. Love you guys!

Chach, Doodle and Myles

Monday, September 7, 2009

This past summer Jared and I were busy working on his Eagle Project. It was quite the undertaking and I think that he did very well with it.

This is what the area looked like before they began. Just on this one corner there was 3 Eagle projects.

After cleaning the area up they had to dig and get things ready for the sign, of course a couple of water lines were cut in the process.

On the day that they brought the cement the time was moved up on us and Jared had to call a friends dad to help us with the concrete. Jared was glad he was available.

Unfortunately this part is buried under rocks and mortor for putting the stone on.

Jared was happy and thought we could stop with
the cement and the rebar. He thought it looked pretty good.(just joking) It was exciting to watch it come together.

Jared and I brought all the concrete blocks to the sight and then Jared was the "Hadi" for the
block masons, ( he mixed the mortor and kept mortor and blocks ready for them). This took two days to do.

The shutters didn't want to open all the way. Jared and I did one side and it beat us up so we enlisted help on this side.
Grandpa, Jeremy, Jared, and Dad taking the pic.

Jared had to wait for 4 days before he could put the color on the sign.
Its starting to look even better.

With the color on Jared had to hire a contractor to put the stone on because of the conplexity of it. He had a person set up to do the stone work and they backed out at the last minute.

Thursday Afternoon.
Jared putting the last stone in place on the cap.

Friday Morning.
Jared putting the lettering on the sign.

Getting a lot closer.

Friday Night at 8:00pm

Dedication of all the eagle projects by the Mayor of St. George.
The Flag Pole was another Eagle project.
Jared is helping raise the flag. The Flag is 15feet by 25feet.
You can see how it is hanging and how much is still left to raise.

Old Glory Flying

Jareds Project unveiled and the Saint George City Mayor next to him.
The Power is supplied by the power company and the Bloomington Community.
The Lights come on every night. It really looks good.

The After Picture.

There was a lot of volenteer help with the sign and donations.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

This picture is from Myles's first professional photo shoot...very photogenic, I must say. We'll put up more of these pics as we get them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

38 weeks!!!!

Here are some pictures of my ever growing belly at 38 weeks! Can you believe it! The top picture was taken at the beach with a very special toy that our friend Mekki gave to us for our little man. haha. Isn't it cute :) The bottom picture was taken after one of Dave and I's many walks. Look, I match the scenery.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Run chacha run!

35 weeks and still going. Although it is more of a putt these days rather than a run :)